Antoni Serra i Fiter
Josep Serra Abella
Jordi Serra Moragas

Antoni Serra i Fiter (1869-1932), ceramist and painter, was, according to historian A. Cirici, the great ceramist of Modernism

With the inclusive spirit of his time, he made numerous exhibitions with his friends I. Nonell, R. Casas and S. Rusiñol. In 1901 he founded his own stoneware and porcelain art workshop, the first in Spain dedicated to ceramic art, which became a meeting point and active collaboration centre for artists such as X. Nogués, P. Gargallo, J. Clarà, E. Casanovas , J. Llimona, among others. A few years later, as a professor at the School of Fine Arts he had as disciples their children and subsequently recognized artists, Ll. Artigas and J. Miró.

Part of Antoni Serra’s work