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The Masia Serra Museum is a unique place in Barcelona to enjoy arts, beauty, history & ideal for most special occasions.

The Farmhouse is a historic building dating from 1672. Declared as cultural and artistic heritage, it has been fully equipped to enjoy a convenient and comfortable evening.

The ground floor has three large rooms exlusively decorated with unique pieces of the Serra family’s Collection. The artist Jordi Serra has carefully selected each piece to create a cozy and beautiful environment to enjoy art. Porcelains, ceramics, paintings, drawings and sculptures ranging from the era of Modernism to the present enrich thus the inherent beauty of this recovered antique space.

The Noble Room, on the first floor, today’s sceario of meetings and gatherings of artists and musicians still retains the typical elements of traditional Catalan mansions: manual tuff pavement, wooden beams crowning the roof, wide doors, wooden windows and their beautiful carved stone arches, mahogany furniture, etc. Around the Noble room are distributed several rooms that formerly were the chambers of the Serra family at the time when the farmhouse was their home and their workshop.

Currently, the heir of the saga, Jordi Serra, still has his studio-workshop on the third floor of the house.

The farmhouse is surrounded by a large garden where you can enjoy any outdoor event.

Within the enclosure, there is the Hivernacle (greenhouse), a large fully glazed and transparent space, opened to the garden, which is ideal for events and celebrations with bigger capacity.

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