Visit the museum and the creative workshop

We invite you to enjoy a unique and exclusive experience together with Jordi Serra, artist of international prestige and the third generation of the Serra artists saga.

This proposal comes from the idea that we can all express our creativity in a relaxed and supportive environment: it’s about learning and sharing, stimulating the senses, enjoying the moment so as to feel free to express yourself.

Jordi Serra will accompany you on this journey in which you will discover the secrets and his creative formulas, in addition to the necessary techniques for you to develop a unique piece of pottery of exceptional quality.

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The art of gastronomy

We present a wide variety of proposals that include

  • Wine tasting
  • Tasting of Iberian cold cuts
  • Food pairing
  • Traditional Catalan cuisine workshop
  • Valencian paella cooking workshop
  • Thai cuisine workshop
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Team building / Human Castles

“Teaming up” is a workshop in which the group becomes a “Colla Castellera” capable of building human castles or “castells”.

It serves as a metaphor for multiple training, social and recreational purposes; because it helps as an ice-breaker and to team up; because it is an exciting, fun and unforgettable experience. it is aimed at at businesses, professional groups, sports teams, students…

Its development is tailored to the needs of each group (duration, objectives, location…). and can be given multiple approaches: fun, training, education, communication, metaphorical, symbolic.

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Musical excellence

We present a wide variety of proposals that include

  • Delightful music
  • Flamenco fusion
  • The music of words
  • Soundly Architecture
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