The Serra Museum & Workshop is an old house of 1672, and is located in the Baix Llobregat, where formerly existed a ceramic tradition, given the quality of its deposits of clay.

The Serra family, who sought to establish the family workshop, acquired the farmhouse at the beginning of  20th century to use it as a workshop. The building is a typical and well preserved example of Catalan farmhouse, which structure has been preserved intact so far. Ovens were installed in the garden, the ground floor was used as a workshop, the main floor or noble floor as housing and finally the third floor, the attic, with the passage of time has also been used for manufacturing tasks.
In the current exhibition space, the ground floor is designed to explain the contribution of the three generations of the Serra family. Each room corresponds to a different generation. The work of Antoni Serra i Fiter, initiator of the saga, is located at the left wing. The right aisle is intended for his children Antoni, Josep and Enric Serra Abella. Finally, the central part is reserved to the initiator’s grandson Jordi Serra Moragas and as a space for temporary exhibitions. The noble room is located on the first floor and preserves the original housing referrals almost intact.

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